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Human Resources
​Al-Rajhi Steel Industries Company was keen to establish an effective administrative and technical system that would raise the level of performance, improve production and gain customer satisfaction through a department specialized in human resources and administrative affairs that strives to keep pace with the latest systems used in major local, regional and international companies, hoping to take a place in the forefront private sector companies.

Rajhi Steel recognizes that the human resources are the key pillar for the overall manufacturing and production processes and the most cherished assets. Rajhi Steel employs qualified and highly skillful personnel with exceptional performance.

Rajhi Steel human resources comprise over 2500 multi-national employees. Thanks to these employees for realizing the corporate products and objectives and meeting the requirements of customers and stakeholders from different segments and sectors. We adopt industrial culture that promotes creativity, innovation, and career growth.

Why Rajhi Steel
Rajhi Steel is passionate about the power of technology. With employees from around the globe, we thrive on a mix of cultures and backgrounds. With some of the best learning and development programs in our sector, we continue to invest in equipping our people to excel.
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